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This little site manifested from a situation not dissimilar to that of The Wedding Singers post-breakup funk. Sat in an oversized t-shirt (not through choice) and staring into a rainy abyss through the filter of a bedroom window, the nearest multiplex a shire wagons distance away, I, and from hereon in and around the site referred to as “Mainstream”, decided that I should catalogue my critical bile, something that up until now had only been consigned to paper and half a dozen reviews. Said reviews included Pearl Harbour (4 stars), Shrek (3 stars), Jurassic Park III (4 stars), and such glowing ratings for what are in hindsight pretty terrible films, doesn’t or didn’t bode well for this site.


Well, I’m sat here now, almost 5 years later and with 145,000 hits, and reviews regularly featured on and The Epoch Times, as well as a couple of guest slots on Local BBC Radio, redesigning my baby after multiple identity changes over that half decade.  

It’s worth highlighting the origin story again, as these are the films that influenced my life up to this point, and created the monster sat in front of this keyboard.


This is my ultimate movie trilogy:-


Terminator 2 : Judgement Day 1991

I was 12 when this movie changed my life (how dramatic, yet pathetic at the same time). The film was a 15, Arnold had been like a father to me, and I was going to the cinema with older friends. This required me to wear my brothers best shoes, smart clothes (it was the KRISS KROSS era so I was usually dressed back to front), actually do my hair, and speak in a deep grunting manner to indicate that they had actually dropped! What I saw, I wasn’t expecting. It literally blew me away (it literally didn’t) and during the course of it, I had felt as if the big man had uttered to me "Come with me, if you want to live"


Jurassic Park 1993

This was an era when media saturation hadn’t shown you half of the film before it had actually opened. I was only aware of the T-rex leg photo and the iconic symbol and Im eternally grateful for that. I am also in debt to my parents who sent my brother and me to live with my Gran who resided opposite the multiplex, for two weeks. We saw it eight times that summer and each time it had the same effect, the raw, visceral feeling during the T-Rex attack that will never be bettered, the raptors in the kitchen sequence and John Williams' sweeping score. It was my Star Wars.


Back to the Future 2005

2005 you say? The scene was Greenwich Park along with a fellow geek (Birch), on the big screen; imagine a couple of thousand people singing the BTTF theme after a couple of Stella’s? Enough said.


Enjoy the site. Feel free to contribute. This is Matt, founder member of the site........signing off...........