Four Tips to Sell Your Home in a Hurry

Selling your home can be a time-consuming process – a situation which is less than ideal if you want to move sooner rather than later. Luckily, though, there are a few things that you can do to speed up the process, such as:

Hire the right agent

You will have no trouble locating plenty of real estate agents who are willing to sell your property – but finding the right agent can make all the difference. Before you select the agent, ask them about their experience, the properties they have sold, and if they have sold any houses in your neighborhood recently. Also, conduct some research on the agent you have chosen by talking to some of their past clients. Put simply, if you wish to sell quickly, you should choose your agent very carefully.

Take the right pictures

In the age of the smartphone camera, your first instinct may be to be your own photographer. While this may work for vacations and other informal events, you should always hire a professional to photograph your house. These pictures will almost certainly be the first thing that a potential buyer will see when they click on your property online. As such, if you want to make a quick sale, you should ensure that the pictures are perfect.

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Time the sale right

The property market has its fair share of ebbs and flows. Before you put your property up for sale, you should study the patterns of the market. In most cities, you are likely to find that homes sell quicker during the summer – since that is when buyers with children are available to go house hunting. Your area may be different though, so be sure to do your research ahead of time.

Stage the property

If you want potential buyers to fall in love with your home, you will need to help them envision themselves living there. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have the house professionally staged. By creating an environment that the buyer can feel at home in, you are much more likely to receive offers after the viewing.

In Closing

Though selling a home can be a time-consuming process, it doesn’t have to be. By following the advice outlined here, you can sell your house in a hurry.

How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

It’s touched every industry without discrimination. Technology and the internet have changed the way that people do business in every realm and the real estate industry is no different. Several aspects of the industry have been touched by the new paradigm of the online marketplace and internet marketing. Before all of these changes, agents would have very different ways of advertising their listings, but as the internet became the new medium of communication, reaching new potential home-buyers has been transformed due to some of the emerging platforms.

In addition, other technologies like cloud storage and virtual reality are making their way to the real estate agent’s tool box.

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Maximizing Exposure

This is perhaps the biggest change in how real estate companies and agents operate. Thanks to the advent of the internet, real estate agents have new ways to maximize the exposure of their listings. A lot of the research can also be conducted through online searches and information—giving buyers easier access to much more data on the property, neighborhood, crime rates, etc. Thanks to sites like Zillow, Trulia, Red Fin, and more, agents have the opportunity to reach larger audiences and more prospective buyers than ever before. In fact, searching for houses online is now the first way people begin searching for homes. This is the main reason why Brian Burds Real Estate team has adopted these platforms full force and uses the power of reaching audiences to sell more homes. We have an incredible outreach with the use of some of these online tools.

At the same time, smartphone technology and social media platforms are a great way to begin looking for possible homes and talking with your real estate agent. Instant notifications help prospective buyers and agents stay in constant contact to stay on top of the latest listings and bargains. If you’re selling a home this can help you stay in contact with your agent as they talk to possible buyers.

Virtual Reality

These technologies are also making their way to the real estate business. Imagine if you could take a 3-D tour of a home you are interested in before you make the trek to view it. It could be a great way to get an idea of the property and get a real feel for the layout. While this might be some time away, it is a growing possibility that real estate agents begin using virtual reality to assist buyers in the viewing of homes. This innovation will allow virtual reality tours of properties, for an immersive experience.

Cloud Storage

If you know anything about a closing process, you know that there is a lot of paperwork involved. Thanks to some new innovations what data management applications and software, a lot of this paperwork like the financial settlements can be handled digitally. This allows for easy access and avoids the hassle of the paper copies.


As far as real estate goes, this is still in its beginning stages, but crypto-currency is growing in popularity as more and more people gain access to it. Online transactions using blockchain has been transparent and secure and why it is often mentioned as a possible incoming technology in the industry.

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Every industry has seen radical changes thanks to technology. Real estate is in the middle of this technology revolution and while it remains a largely person-to-person exchange, the tools available through technology and the internet are facilitating, adding, or enhancing the process for many. It has suddenly become very easy to look for houses for sale and even learn a little about the neighborhood before you even step foot in it. Smarthome Real Estate Team is at the forefront of some of these innovative tools, using everything available to make your home buying or selling experience easier and more convenient.